The Lilliput 5D-ii/O/P is a 7" widescreen LCD field monitor with HDMI input and loop through output. Features include peaking, brightness histograms, false colour and exposure zebras and it comes supplied with a sunhood. DSLR camera optimised.

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black magic pocket cinema camera compatible

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Compatible

This monitor is fitted with the 2674 processing chip - which gives a greater range of input frequencies that can be used. For the full range of compatible frequencies please click here

7 inch high definition screen

7” Monitor with Widescreen

The Lilliput 5D-ii/O/P monitor has a high resolution 7" widescreen LCD panel. Optimised for use with DSLR cameras and tailored for the Canon 5D and 7D range specifically.

High resolution LCD

Small Panel, Big Advantage

The 5Dii-O/P features a native 800 x 480 panel, with intelligent upscaling when receiving higher resolution HDMI signals - meaning that you can display 1920 x 1080 resolution imagery on a super small screen. This high resolution gives an extremely detailed image - leading to greater options in the post-production environment making it a solid, reliable portable tool.

High contrast LCD

800:1 Contrast ratio

The 800:1 contrast ratio produces colours that are vivid, rich - and importantly - accurate. Combine this with the high resolution LCD and 1:1 pixel mapping, 5D-ii provides the accuracy of picture you'd expect from a Lilliput monitor.

advanced functionality

Advanced monitor functions 

The Lilliput 5D-ii/O/P features peaking and focus assist tools as standard to enable you to take the best looking shots first time, every time. With peaking, brightness histograms, false colour and exposure zebras your pictures will look pin sharp.
dslr optimised

DSLR Optimised  

The 5D-ii/O/P is one of our most popular field monitors and offers a much increased viewing area in comparison to your cameras native internal viewfinder. Combine this with the focus assist and peaking tools, and this becomes the ideal tool for users looking to get the most out of their DSLR cameras.

function buttons

Reconfigurable Function Button Control 

Reconfigurable buttons allow users to customize the unique features by using the programmable buttons on the front of the bezel. These allow for much greater flexibility in the work flow, as well as facilitating an easy familiarity with your equipment.

hdmi pass through

HDMI Passthrough Included

Some DSLR cameras feature a single HDMI output, while their workflow requires more than this - meaning that you'd need a splitter to link to more than one monitor or recorder. The 569-O/P can be daisy-chained from its built in HDMI out port to any other HDMI device - opening massive modular flexibility to your system.

shoe mount adaptor

Shoe Mount included

Included as standard with the 5D-ii/O/P is a shoe mount adapter for connecting the monitor to your camera's hot shoe adapter plate. This allows for mounting the monitor on top of the camera, onto a tripod, or with any 1/4" BSW threaded mount system. The unit also has VESA 75 mounting holes at the back to allow for standard wall mounting.

Foldable Sunhood becomes Screen Protector

Customers requested a solution to protect the monitor screen from minor damage, particularly when on the move. Lilliput responded by designing a neat screen protector that folds out to become a sunhood. This solution provides both protection for the LCD, and saves space in the customers camera bag.

photography solutions

Photography Solutions.

Lilliput are experts in small form factor DSLR camera monitors and are on the forefront of technology with ranges including touch capable and IPS type LCD panels. If you have a specific requirement, contact us - we'll be happy to help.

Monitor Specification
Screen Size (diagonal)7"
Aspect Ratio16:9
Native Resolution1024 x 600
Maximum Resolution1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle (degrees)160° Horizontal / 150° Vertical
Contrast Ratio800:1
Video InputsHDMI
Video Outputs1x HDMI
Input Power12V 2A DC Jack
Mounting Options1/4" BSW, VESA 75
Height (mm)145
Width (mm)196.5
Depth (mm)31 (151.3mm with sunshade open)
Weight (g)480g
Lilliput 5D-II/O/P Instruction Manual Download
Lilliput 5D-II CE Certificate Download
Lilliput 5D-II LCD Panel Datasheet Download
Lilliput 5D-II Mechanical Drawing Download

Q. What connections can be used to attach my camera to this monitor?

A. The 5D-ii/O/P attaches to your camera using the HDMI port on the back. We supply a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable in the box, however if your camera has a standard HDMI output you can use this just as capably.

Q. Does this unit have a touch screen?

A. No – the smallest screen size we have with a touch screen is the model 669GL-70NP/C/T.

Q. What is the power requirement of this monitor?

A. The power supply included with the unit is a 12V 2A standard wall socket connector. The unit itself requires 12v (power consumption is <10W), and the current usage is 800mA.

Q. Can I use my camera batteries to power this monitor?

A. Yes – you can use certain types of battery to power this monitor. We supply converter plates which make the monitor compatible with the following types of battery : Canon LP-E6, Sony F-970, Sony QM91D, Panasonic DU21. An internet search for your camera model number should detail which battery you have, and whether or not it is compatible.

Q. What are the monitor dimensions?

A. The monitor dimensions are – Width : 196.5mm, Height :  145mm, Depth : 31mm

Q. What resolutions does the 5D-ii/O/P support?

A. The native resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels, however it will support inputs (through scaling) of 480p (640 x 480), 576i (PAL resolution interlaced), 720p (1280 x 720 progressive scan), 1080i (1920 x 1080 interlaced) and 1080p (1920 x 1080 progressive scan). Differences in aspect ratio between the input signal and the monitor can be rectified using the monitors built in aspect ratio configuration setting – however some ratios will result in horizontal “widescreen” bars or image stretching

Q. How many pixels does the panel have? 

A. The panel has a native resolution of 800 x 480, giving 614440 pixels on screen.

Q. Does this unit have any extra focus assist functions?

A. Yes. This unit has onboard tools for peaking, false colour, exposure (zebras), and a histogram function.

Q. What is peaking?

A. Peaking is the ability of the monitor to easily delineate which exact parts of the image are in focus and which are not. The monitor will surround the areas that are in current focus with a red outline so as to help you refine this focus better, alter it as you require.


Q. What is false colour?

A. False colour is a tool to allow you to gauge the exposure levels of your image easily and quickly. The monitor takes the image from the camera, and assigns false colouring to it depending on where the image is exposed. If the image is over exposed you’ll likely see more red in the false colour view, under exposed and you’ll likely see more dark blue in the false colour view. 

Q. What are Exposure Zebras?

A. Exposure zebras are very much akin to the False Colour tool in so far as they are a gauge of the exposure level of the image in question. If the image is approaching a level of over-exposure, the zebra lines will begin to appear on the monitor to warn of this. 

Q. What is the Histogram?

A. The histogram offers a graphical representation of the levels of brightness in the current image. The unit displays this information as a graph, with the x axis delineating the brightness, and the y axis defining the intensity. If you were to push a very dark image at the monitor, the histogram would show high intensity toward the left hand (dark) side of the graph. If you were to push a bright picture at the monitor, you’d see a high intensity at the right hand (bright) side of the graph. This allows for a quick shorthand way of defining exposure in the overall picture, helping you to strike the correct balance in your shots.

Q. What does the unit weigh?

A. The weight of the unit is 505g

Q. Can this unit be used for outside shooting?

A. Yes – the 5D-ii/O/P has a screen brightness of 250cd/m and a Contrast ratio of 800:1 which, when used with the supplied with a foldable plastic sunshade give a remarkable picture quality. To give added extra protection, the sun shade folds down to act as a screen protector while the unit is in transit.

Q. Can I attach headphones to this monitor for sound? 

A. Yes – you can do this – however the monitor will only play sound if the source connection is HDMI – the other connectivity cables do not pass sound into the system, only image.

Q. I see that both eBay and Amazon list 5D-ii units with different lettering at the end is there a difference?

A. There is a difference – the lettering determines the exact model you have. Lilliput UK only supply and approve one specification for this unit – this has the designation 5D-ii/O/P. The 5D-ii is the model number, O means HDMI out, and P  means peaking / focus assist functions. Units available for purchase through Amazon / eBay are not UK approved stock, and as such are not supported by Lilliput UK.

Monitor Specification
Screen Size (diagonal) 7"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Native Resolution 1024 x 600
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle (degrees) 160° Horizontal / 150° Vertical
Contrast Ratio 800:1
Video Inputs HDMI
Video Outputs 1x HDMI
Input Power 12V 2A DC Jack
Mounting Options 1/4" BSW, VESA 75
Height (mm) 145
Width (mm) 196.5
Depth (mm) 31 (151.3mm with sunshade open)
Weight (g) 480g

Lilliput 5D-ii/O/P - 7" HDMI field monitor

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