Lilliput Product codes - A primer

We are commonly asked here at Lilliput, "What does the 'O' mean in the product code?", or "Which monitor is the SDI version?". Well we've put together the following FAQ section to explain the system of codes that we identify our products with so that you can identify the correct unit for your system.

Lilliput camera monitors

Lilliput camera monitors are the part of our range optimised for use with DSLR cameras. These include the following monitors:

Lilliput 569
Lilliput 665
Lilliput 339
Lilliput 667
Lilliput 5D-ii
Lilliput 668
Lilliput 663
Lilliput MoPro7
Lilliput 664
Lilliput 969
Lilliput TM1018
Lilliput FA1013

There are 3 major codes used as suffix to these product codes. These codes can be used in combination:

CodeMeaningExample Product code
'/O'This model features HDMI passthrough or output665/O
'/P'This model features the peaking and focus assist tools as part of the monitor firmware5D-ii/O/P
'/S'This model features SDI input mode663/O/P/S2

For camera monitors pre 2012 there were 2 further product codes that apply. Nowadays these codes are applicable to 2 unit; the 667GL and the 668GL

CodeMeaningExample Product code
'/H'This model features HDMI input667/H/Y
'/Y'This model features YPbPr input668GL/H/Y

Exception codes:

There are 2 further codes used when referring to camera type monitors that are exceptional cases as these codes refer to one model or a specific product. 

CodeMeaningExample Product code
'/A' or '/B'

(969GL Only) Denotes the model type of the 969GL.

Type 'A' model 969GL feature the YPbPr connections on the rear of the monitor

Type 'B' model have NO BNC connections - only HDMI inputs

NOTE: Lilliput Direct stock only the 'A' variant of this monitor

'/WH'(665/WH only) This monitor features wHDI - wireless HDMI transmission665/WH

Lilliput 'computer' monitors

Lilliput 'computer' monitors are optimised for use with small form computer systems but are in fact general use monitors that can be used for a host of additional applications like CCTV systems, point of sales displays, digital signage, and much more. These include the following monitors:

Lilliput 619A
Lilliput 659GL
Lilliput 669GL
Lilliput 869GL
Lilliput FA1000
Lilliput FA1011
Lilliput FA1012
Lilliput FA1014
Lilliput FA0145
Lilliput FA0146
Lilliput 619GL
Lilliput 629GL
Lilliput FA801
Lilliput FA1042
Lilliput UM7x
Lilliput UM8x
Lilliput UM101x
Lilliput OF669
Lilliput UM101x
Lilliput OF669
Lilliput OF869
Lilliput OF1011
Lilliput OF1012
Lilliput OF1046

Lilliput computer monitors have 2 major codes that can be used in combination or alone:

CodeMeaningExample Product code
'NP/C'This monitor has Positive/Negative polarity and is ideal for computer systems669GL-70NP/C

This monitor has Positive/Negative polarity and features a touchscreen