Arduino Bluetooth Multi_Function Smart Car is a MCU study and application development system base on Atmege328. Complete tracking, obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control and Bluetooth remote control functions. Kits contains a number of interesting programs, and expand external circuit module, thereby increasing car use function. 


*Motor parameter:

Power apply: 6V-9V;

Reduction gear ratio: 1:48;

*Selection L298N module driver motor, segregate form CPU.

*Three tracking modules, detection white and black line. Available with fall prevention control.

*Infrared remote communication module, composition of remote control system of smart car.

*Bluetooth wireless module, can match with mobile phone to control smart car.

*Input voltage 7V-12V, can connect to different kinds of sensor. The more sensors, the more functions.

Experimental curriculum:

1. L298N driver motor;

2. Tracking smart car;

3. Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance smart car;

4. Infrared remote control smart car;

5. Arduino bluetooth control smart car;

6. Multi_function smart car(tracking,obstacle avoidance ,infrared remote,bluetooth remote);

Package Includes: 

4 x stepper motor 

4 x wheel 

4 x motor fixed block 

1 x 100x213x5mm perspex sheet 

1 x 100x213x5mm perspex sheet 

1 x L298N driver board 

1 x Arduino uno 328 controller 

1 x Arduino sensor shield V5 

1 x PTZ 

1 x Servo motor 

1 x Ultrasonic module

1 x Three channel tracking module 

1 x Infrared receive sensor

1 x Transducer 

1 x 18650 battery holder 

1 x 18650 battery charger 

1 x Bluetooth module 

30 x Dupont wire 

1 x USB cable 1M 

6 x Copper cylinder M3*35mm 

3 x Copper cylinder M3*20mm 

6 x Copper cylinder M3*6mm 

M3 3mm screw and nut

Bluetooth Intelligent Remote Control Car Kit

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