Wall Mounted USB Looping Media Player for Advertising / Digital Signage

USB Input to Quad Screen 2x2 HDMI Output for displaying a video file onto a 4-panel Matrix Screen

Easy to use, Standalone Media Player - supports MP4

Can support multiple display modes - 2x2, 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 4x1, 3x1, 2x1, which can be easily switched between using the provided IR remote control.

Designed for use in Exhibitions and POS Displays

Autostart, Plays in a Continuous Loop

Unlike other looping media players, designed to restart unattended upon power loss / restore

Designed to be a simple loop-back advertising player, the 2x2 USB Video Wall Media Player offers a straightforward advertisement playback system at a competitive price. The built in video-wall processor will distribute the video output to 4 HDMI outputs, which will extend the video image to 4x separate panels of a large video wall.

Based around a modified Android operating system, and installed with our proprietary modular video playback software you simply connect up to 4 HDMI screens to the player, power it up and it will automatically load your video advertisement from a connected USB stick. All 4 HDMI outputs can be connected to separate HDMI panels, and each panel will show a quarter of the image to make up the complete picture.

Playback will continue until you either remove the USB stick, or until the system is powered down.  If switched off and on it will reconnect by itself and begin to play your video file without resetting the file or further attention from a user.

Building your advertisement video is a simple affair - you create it using any common video composition software such as Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Sony Vegas, or Adobe Final Cut.

Adding files to the device couldn't be simpler. The system comes complete with a 32GB USB stick onto which you copy your advertisement video (as an .mp4 file). Plug the stick into the player, cycle the power, and sit back as it does the rest.

Supplied With:-

Preinstalled 32GB USB Stick

5V 1A DC Power Supply

Dimensions :- 

Length 105mm x 

Width 98mm x 

Depth 33mm


Note - Works with video only - does not display individual .jpg image files.

2x2 USB Video Wall Media Player

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Customisation Options Are Available

You can customise many options with all units of Lilliput product - from custom logos to input types to customised bezel and mounting options. To discuss your requirements please contact us via email Here or give us a call on +44 (0)8450068868