Are you ready to drive a race car?

The Universal Motion Joypad is a new game controller that is similar to the steering wheel available for the Nintendo Wii. It is built using the USB IO BOARD and an auxiliary motion sensor, and allows you to play many games available for mobile phone that would normally use the phone’s gyroscope.

Operating system support to use the Joypad, you first need to update the Android operating system to the latest version: 

- ODROID-XU3/XU4 : Android version 4.4.4 (v3.3), kernel version 3.10.9:

- ODROID-C1 : Android version 4.4.2 (v2.1), kernel version 3.10.33:

UniversalMotionJoypad.jpg Step 1

Position the Universal Motion Joypad sensor board downside up. 
UniversalMotionJoypad.jpg Step 2

Plug the Micro-USB cable to the USB IO Board.

UniversalMotionJoypad.jpg Step 3

Mount the USB IO Board on the Universal Motion Joypad sensor board. 
UniversalMotionJoypad.jpg Step 4

Pass through the Micro-USB cable via the hole of the steering wheel.
UniversalMotionJoypad.jpg Step 5

Mount the installed board on the steering wheel.
Step 6

Update the OS of ODROIDs to the latest version and configure the necessary parameters. After saving, reboot. 

Tutorial :

WiKi :

ODroid Universal Motion Joypad

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