A new innovation in screen protection, the Wipe Systems Nano Protector is a wipe that you apply to your monitor screen / phone / glass device that creates a scratch resistant coating thinner and far better than any screen protector you would fit as an overlay.

After application, the surface is protected with an almost perfectly flat, permanent transparent hard surface; equivalent to 9H on the Mohs scale (10H is Diamond) which is non-toxic, aquaphobic - water repellent, biostatic - anti-bacterial actively killing 99.9% of most common bacteria. There are no air bubbles to cope with and the protection is complete in minutes.

One Size fits All – wipe on protection reduces stock holding and frees up capital

Protection is totally transparent with no bubbles

9H hardness for extreme hardness to reduce scratching

Protection is hydrophobic - water repellent and easy to clean

Also biostatic – anti-bacterial killing 99% of bacteria

Direct replacement for clumsy and costly protectors

application is super easy and quick

suitable for all mobile devices  including “Edge” type phones

lasts up to one year with normal use

0.25m2 coverage - use on phones, tablets, laptops and even monitors

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Wipe Systems Liquid Glass Screen Protector

  • Brand: Lilliput
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Customisation Options Are Available

You can customise many options with all units of Lilliput product - from custom logos to input types to customised bezel and mounting options. To discuss your requirements please contact us via email Here or give us a call on +44 (0)8450068868