The AV Matrix SC1621 is an upwards converter which allows for the conversion of VGA to 3G-SDI digital signals, whilst at the same time embedding the analog audio into the digitally converted signal.

  • 1x VGA Input, 2x 3G-SDI Inputs
  • VGA input signal automatic detection and configuration
  • SDI output supports up / down scaling and frame rate conversion
  • SDI output formats can be easily controlled by rotary DIP switches
  • SDI output with embedded external analog stereo audio
  • LED indicators for power and state of SDI output signal
  • 5-12V Wide Voltage

Analog Audio Input
Connector 3.5mm Earphone Jack
Digital Sampling 48K
Impedance 16 Ohms
Input Signal Analog Audio Stereo
VGA Input
Connector (VGA) DB-15
Impedance (VGA) 75 Ohms
Input Signal (VGA) Standard VGA Signal
Signal Amplitude (VGA) 800mV+-10% (75 Ohms)
SDI Output
Bit Rate 270Mbps - 2.97Gbps
Connector (SDI) BNC Comply IEC 169-8 standards
Impedance (SDI) 75 Ohms
Signal Amplitude (SDI) 800mV +- 10% (75 ohm)
Common Parameters
Operating Voltage DC 5-12V
Power <2W
Storage Humidity (%RH) 0% RH - 90% RH
Storage Temperature (°c) -20°c to 50°c
Weight (g) 300g
Working Humidity (%RH) 20% RH - 70%RH
Working Temperature (°c) 0°c to 50°c

AVMatrix SC1621 - VGA to 3G-SDI Converter

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